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Re-organisation of the Audit and Risk Management Office

13 July 2011

As many of you may know in recent months a reorganisation of Monash University’s audit and risk management functions has been underway.

This process has recently concluded and a Risk and Compliance Unit and an Internal Audit Unit have been established to replace the Audit and Risk Management Office.

Each unit is headed by a director with both positions initially reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor.

Ms Moh-Lee Ng has been appointed as the Acting Director, Risk and Compliance Unit.

Mr Peter Dwyer has been appointed as the Director, Internal Audit Unit and will commence duties in September 2011.

Mr Dwyer is to head a small in-house internal audit team with a significant proportion of the internal audit activity to be undertaken by a contract audit firm working on a 'co-sourced' basis with the in-house team.

Moore Stephens have been appointed as the co-sourced provider of internal audit services initially until the end of 2012.

Staff interested in reading more about the University’s auditing procedures – including the authority and access entitlements of auditors - are encouraged to access the full charter on the Monash website.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries in regard to these changes.

Greg Connell  

Acting Director, Audit and Risk Management

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