Current and upcoming

Justene Williams

Justene Williams: The Curtain Breathed Deeply
7 February - 2 April 2015
Coordinating curator: Geraldine Barlow

Sensory overload is the signature of this expansive video installation environment by Sydney-based artist Justene Williams. In what will be her largest and most ambitious undertaking to date, Williams will present a hypnotising landscape constructed from blended film sets, stage props and video installations. This major new work draws upon references to art history: Picasso, Leger and Kahlo; together with pop culture influences such as Hip Hop, 90s pop group Milli Vanilli and the Broadway musical A Chorus Line. Williams' choreographed videos blend references to Shamanism, Voodoo and Primitivism; she amasses a wealth of pattern, colour and texture, with layered references to her own childhood: memories of her father's wrecking yard, early dance classes, and experience constructing elaborate retail window displays. Found objects, mass produced materials and waste will be amongst the many materials transformed in this sequence of vivid theatrical and experiential environments. Coming to MUMA from Artspace, Sydney, The Curtain Breathed Deeply has been developed through the Catalyst: Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission. Read more here...



Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits
Guest Curators: Lars Bang Larsen & Marco Pasi
17 April - 27 June 2015

This exhibition focuses on a forgotten artist from the Victorian era, Georgiana Houghton (1814-1884). Starting in 1861, and continuing up to her death, Houghton developed a complex aesthetic practice as a practicing spiritualist medium, based on automatic drawing and the perceived communication with spiritual entities. On the basis of her experiences she produced series of abstract watercolors that were meant to convey important spiritual messages to humanity. Her work - in part preserved at the Victorian Spiritualists' Union in Melbourne - is remarkable because it represents an abandonment of figurative form that by several decades anticipates the development of 20th century abstraction by artists such as Kandinsky or Malevich. To be shown for the first time to a larger audience at MUMA, Houghton's works will be accompanied by a group show of modern and contemporary artists involved in spiritualist practices and methodologies.


Linda Marrinon

Linda Marrinon: Figure Sculpture
11 July - 19 September 2015

A key figure in Australian contemporary art since the mid-1980s, Linda Marrinon has developed a wonderfully idiosyncratic language of figurative sculpture. This exhibition will focus on works produced over the last ten years, providing an intimate view of her expanding repertoire of historical and cultural figures, from Voltaire and Edwardian ladies to Emergency Service Worker and MC Hammer. Figure Sculpture will bring together 60 figures and busts from public and private collections, the artworks brought together for the very first time.


Dominik Lang

Dominik Lang
11 July - 19 September 2015

Dominik Lang lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic and is best known for his installation Sleeping City in the Czech Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale. In this project he exhibited bronze sculptures made by his father, artist Jiri Lang (1927-1996), during the 1950s and 60s. Presenting them among structures of iron, wood, glass and fabric, the pieces took on new meanings, wrapped in personal memories and the affective and artistic relation between father and son. At Vienna’s Secession in 2013, Lang reimagined the gallery itself as the interior space, a cave-like void, of the Czech artist Otto Gutfreund’s cubist expressionist figure Anxiety (1911). More recently, at the Arthouse in Budweis, the walls of the gallery appeared to have extruded into basic three-dimensional geometry. Lang has been invited to make a site responsive project for the galleries at MUMA.


Josh Petherick

Electric Dreams
3 October - 12 December 2015
Curators: Charlotte Day & Patrice Sharkey

Electric Dreams is a major group exhibition that will survey the ways artists have worked with and co-opted media technologies. The exhibition will feature artworks that engage both physically and conceptually with electronic systems such as computers, television and radio, focusing on the ways artists have disrupted the official use of these media or else constructing their own machines and communication - data systems. The exhibition will bring together historical as well as contemporary artworks from a wide range of Australian and international practitioners, as well as newly commissioned art works.