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 Fiona Connor

Art as a Verb
Presented by MUMA in association with Melbourne Festival
3 October - 16 December 2014
Curatorium: Charlotte Day, Francis E. Parker, Patrice Sharkey
Opening function: Saturday 4 October, 3-5pm

Art as a Verb is a major thematic exhibition that takes as its starting point the concept of art as action, both inside the gallery and beyond. Drawing upon the unbridled energy and anarchy of fluxus and happenings, and looking back to the moment that art dematerialised, Art as a Verb presents a range of projects from the 1960s to today that challenge the traditional role of the artist and the site of the museum. What constitutes the work of an artist? How do artists' activities (as educator, instigator, activist, performer, service provider, guru, etc.) fit within the bigger picture of society? And how does the museum support art forms that function beyond the art object?

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