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5 May - 23 July 2011
Monash University Museum of Art, Caulfield campus
Curator: Geraldine Barlow

What happens when we slow down the processes of perceiving and making? What might be discovered when we stretch, still, or even freeze, the passage of time?
Slowness presents works from the Monash University Collection exploring qualities of inner reflection, quiet, poise and stillness. The exhibition offers a series of metaphysical propositions: highly deliberate studies of objects in the world and their relation to the body.


James Angus
Eugene Carchesio
Domenico de Clario
Peter Clarke
Brett East
Joel Elenberg
Emily Feretti
Shuan Gladwell
Gail Hastings
Matt Hinkley
Robert Hunter
Susan Jacobs
Geoff Lowe
Gabriella and Silvana Mangano
Geoffrey Nees
Stieg Perrson