Impresario: Paul Taylor, The Melbourne Years, 1981–1984

Paul Taylor book cover

Date: 3 December 2013
Time: 5.30 - 7.00pm
Venue: Monash University Museum of Art

Monash University Museum of Art and Surpllus are pleased to present Impresario: Paul Taylor, The Melbourne Years, 1981–1984. This new publication focuses on Paul Taylor, the Australian editor, writer, curator and impresario. In particular, the book analyses Taylor’s important and influential early years in Melbourne, which included the founding of Art & Text, the curatorship of the exhibitions ‘POPISM’ (National Gallery of Victoria) and ‘Tall Poppies’ (Melbourne University Art Gallery), and the editing and publishing of an anthology of Australian art of the 1970s, Anything Goes: Art in Australia 1970–1980.

Based on the symposium ‘Impresario: Paul Taylor / Art & Text / POPISM’ convened by Janine Burke and Adrian Martin at Monash University in 2012, this new book has been expanded significantly to include recently commissioned essays and interviews, lecture transcripts and reviews, as well as a range of photographs which document the era.

Edited and introduced by Helen Hughes and Nicholas Croggon, it features contributions by Ashley Crawford, Adrian Martin, Charles Green & Heather Barker, Chris McAuliffe, David Chesworth & Jon Dale, David Pestorius, Graham Willett, Ian McLean, Janine Burke, Juan Davila, Judy Annear, Jonathan Holmes, John Nixon & David Homewood, Jenny Watson & Kelly Fliedner, Lyndal Jones, Merryn Gates, Maria Kozic, Philip Brophy, Paul Foss, Patrick McCaughey, Peter Tyndall, Rex Butler & Susan Rothnie, Robert Rooney, Ralph Traviati, Imants Tillers, Edward Colless, Russell Walsh, Sue Cramer, Denise Robinson and Vivienne Shark LeWitt.