Justene Williams

MUMA invites community groups and members of the public to engage in its program of events, including keynote lectures, workshops and forums, film and video screenings, performances, and floor talks by curators and artists. All are designed to expand critical debate and participation in the contemporary visual arts.

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Upcoming public events

Hypnofantasy Workshop
with Justene Williams
4 March 2015, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Justene Williams' Hypnofantasy Workshop is part ad-lib lecture, part performance and part group hypnosis session staged within the MUMA exhibition The Curtain Breathed Deeply. For more information...


Australian Art Orchestra: Peter Knight & Vanessa Tomlinson
Saturday 14 March, 3:00-5.00pm

MUMA would like to announce our new performance series Sound Spaces, curated by Francis E. Parker that emphasises experimental and improvised music.

In collaboration with the Australian Art Orchestra, the first edition of Sound Spaces will present three sets over two hours; trumpeter, composer, and sound artist, Peter Knight, will give an electro-acoustic site-specific performance followed by Vanessa Tomlinson on solo found percussion, and concluding with the solo approaches brought together in a duo constellation. For more information...