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Our current publications

Hazard 79
Hospital-treated assault injury among Victorian women aged 15 years and over due to intimate partner violence (IPV), Victoria 2009/10 to 2013/14
Published Winter, 2015

Injury deaths in Victoria 2010-2012
Published October 2015

Other publications
Injury in Victoria:The hospital treatment costs of injury, 2012/13
Published July 2015

Access to quality injury surveillance data provides immense research potential and is crucial to the development of effective injury prevention and safety promotion.

The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU) has been analysing, interpreting and disseminating Victorian data on injury deaths, hospital admissions and emergency department presentations across the state, nationally and internationally for more than 20 years.

Data are used to underpin government injury prevention policies, stimulate research and to develop and evaluate prevention strategies and measures. These include community awareness initiatives and education, legislative and regulatory changes and safety-related environmental, equipment and product design improvements.

This critical information is provided to around 250 organisations and agencies each year, including Commonwealth, state and local government departments and agencies, health and injury prevention organisations, media, business and industry, education institutes, research groups and the community.

Victorian injury surveillance data are recorded on three separate datasets:

 Local Government area and regional health profiles

VISU data has now been included in the Department of Health and Human Services produced local government area and regional health profiles. These injury deaths and hospital treated rates per head of population and the percentage of injuries due to falls are benchmarked against other LGAs and Victoria. To access these please visit the following Department of Health and Human Services websites:
2013 Local government area profiles
2012 Regional health status profiles