Our structure

MIRI brings together injury prevention and treatment experts from 14 research centres and research units across Monash University's Australian and international campuses.

Our structure allows these experts to actively collaborate in solving pressing, practical problems. This collaboration also allows us to offer our external partners access to expertise across their field of interest.

Our main research focus covers:

violence and suicide prevention research unit
transport safety
workplace safety
home, sport and leisure safety
patient safety
injury outcomes
disaster resilience

These research areas are uniquely designed to meet the range of challenges that comprise injury prevention and treatment.

We address the causes of both intentional injury (violence and suicide prevention research unit) and the unintentional injury (transport safety, home, sport and leisure safety, workplace safety and transport safety).

We address both the prevention of injury as well as the treatment and recovery from injury (injury outcomes, acute care).

And, we address issues of scale (disaster resilience).

Our model is one of the world's most comprehensive demonstrations of the public health approach to a major health priority.


MIRI Organisational chart