Research from MUARC on fitting every vehicle in Australia with intelligent speed adaptation systems.
Australia Bus and Coach

Professor Brian Fildes, MUARC, comments on traffic congestion following fatal car accidents on the Monash Freeway.
The Age

Mr Anthony Bliss, Monash Injury Research Institute, is an expert on the panel for Together for Safer Roads – an innovative cross-sector coalition focused on improving road safety and reducing deaths and injuries by road traffic collisions.
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hazard skateboard injuries 19 Dec 2014
The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU) has just released its second bi-annual publication of Hazard which looks at the rise of injuries in the playground. There has also been an accompanying article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tony Bliss 8 Dec 2014
The 25th Westminster Lecture on Transport Safety and the 4th lecture in the UN Decade of Action Series, was delivered by Tony Bliss, Global Road Safety Adviser, Monash University Accident Research Centre, at the Palace of Westminster on 8th December 2014.

A transcript of the lecture is available as well as a slide presentation.

Dr Sharon Newnam 4 Dec 2014
#ILF14 Steering Committee Chairman presented Dr Sharon Newnam from the Monash Injury Research Institute with a $5,000 cheque. Dr Newnam, presented two sessions focusing on safe driving at the #ILF14. Register on the #ILF14 website to view Dr Newnam's presentations.

Professor Max Cameron 12 Nov 2014
Professor Max Cameron recently presented at the New Zealand Drug Driving Symposium, where he discussed Random Drug Testing in Australia, Analogies with RBT, and Likely Effects with Increased Intensity Levels. View the video of the presentation or visit the NZ Drug Foundation website for more information

Giovanni Savino 28 Oct 2014
Dr Giovanni Savino, a lead researcher at the Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, talks about autonomous braking systems on motorcycles during an international safety conference in Munich, Germany. [Disclaimer:  Dr Giovanni Savino would like to point out that, when interviewed, he did not say that autonomous emergency braking should be compulsory for motorcycles].

Driver distraction 25 Sept 2014
Driver Distraction - ABC Catalyst.
By analysing families on real trips, the Accident Research Centre at Monash University are looking at just how much distraction children can provide (features Assoc Prof Judith Charlton).

Professor Mark Stevenson 19 Sept 2014
The Australian Trucking Association has released a video presentation that sets out the findings of a major Australian study into truck crashes. The video features the Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Professor Mark Stevenson.

Occupational Driving

Occupational Driving

Dr Sharon Newnam has announced the launch of the Safe Behaviour in Occupational Driving & Safety Management for the Occupational Driver Programs.

2014 Road Safety Leadership Program

2014 Road Safety Leadership Program
2014 Road Safety Leadership Program

The 2014 Road Safety Leadership program was recently held at the Monash University Law Chambers and saw delagates from around the globe attend to make it our best ever!

Going Solo is a 16-page booklet designed to inform parents of the risks facing their newly licensed son or daughter, particularly during the first year on their P-plate licence.

Going Solo