The Monash Doctoral Program

A PhD with purpose

We have created a range of dedicated PhD programs, each individually designed for a specific research area.

Find the PhD to match your research.

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A powerful combination

The Monash Doctoral Program combines the rigour of a world class research community with a suite of professional development opportunities that prepare you for life beyond your degree.

Research that makes a difference

A significant research contribution to your discipline supported by high quality supervision is at the heart of the Monash Doctoral Program. You will be supervised by at least two active researchers who participate in an ongoing supervisor training program. This ensures you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our diverse and innovative research community.

More than a thesis

Your research will be complemented by professional development modules or coursework units that support and enhance your contribution as a research student and prepare you to make an impact in industry, academia, government and the broader community.

Generic professional development modules enhance research skills and employability. Modules cover topics such as:

  • Leadership
  • High performing teams
  • Negotiation
  • Innovative thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commercialising research
  • New venture finance
  • Career planning
  • Data management and analysis

Depending on faculty, discipline-specific topics are also available. These are designed by academics with a thorough understanding of their discipline and related industry, and cover technical, research and academic skills.

Opportunities also exist for collaborative research that allows students to work with a range of researchers from various disciplines on projects connected directly to industry and government.

The Monash Doctoral Program will enhance your research experience and ensure you graduate with the research and professional skills required to become a leader in your chosen field.

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