The Monash Doctoral Program

“My training as a PhD in Law researcher at Monash has equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need for my current job. [The] traits that I honed during my PhD candidature are proving to be of great use out here in the real world” - Dr Noel Villaroman, Monash Alumnus now working at the UN

The question

Knowledge of your discipline has shown you how much remains unknown. Gaps in human understanding, unexplored pathways, unresolved problems. If you are Monash-minded, these spaces don’t discourage you, they excite you.

You see the opportunity to pursue the unknown through careful and collaborative investigation. You possess the passion and determination required to undertake a significant research project. Your vision is for original knowledge aimed at personal, scientific and social transformation. You’re seeking the opportunity to work within a world-class research environment with the reputation, supervisors, facilities, networks and support that will help you thrive as a graduate researcher and beyond.

The Monash Doctoral Program is that opportunity.

It’s a PhD for the 21st century where the proud tradition of a research project marked by excellence and originality is enhanced by innovative training options that support graduate researchers throughout their journey and prepare them for impact beyond.

The journey

When you join the Monash Doctoral Program you become part of a bold, open-minded centre of research excellence that is committed to seeking knowledge in order to serve and transform society. In less than 60 years Monash has risen to be Australia’s largest university and ranked in the world top 100.

The Monash Doctoral Program connects you with supervisors who are your mentors. At least two active researchers in your chosen field supervise your research and provide invaluable support throughout your PhD journey.

As a graduate researcher you have access to advanced research platforms. Everything from the latest 3D printing facilities through to immersive data visualisation centres.

Your research will be complemented by training options that support and enhance your contribution as a graduate researcher and prepare you to make an impact in industry, academia, government and the broader community.

Depending on your discipline and faculty, training may take the form of:

  1. Graduate researcher professional development
  2. Coursework
  3. Interdisciplinary programs

Monash graduate researchers have access to a wide range of scholarships, grants and awards. Your studies will also be supported through opportunities such as industry internships and co-supervision with partner organisations.

The impact

The Monash Doctoral Program opens up a world of possibilities. Some of our graduates have gone on to careers in other great universities across the globe where they continue to push the bounds of knowledge and innovation. Others join major corporations or form companies of their own. Still others use their expert knowledge and skill to advise governments of all sizes or work for bodies such as the United Nations. For some the impact is more local and personal but the transformation is still profound.

Whether your vision is local or global, the Monash Doctoral Program will support your research journey and develop your professional skills so that you emerge ready to make the greatest possible impact whatever your discipline and chosen pathway.

Find out how to apply.