MIGR membership

Raising the supervision bar

Monash University is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of its research supervision to ensure that our research degree candidates are supervised by highly qualified staff.

We achieve this through:

  • a flexible supervisor training program
  • support for team supervision
  • membership of the Monash University Institute of Graduate Research (MIGR).

Since July 2012, every main or joint supervisor working at Monash has had to qualify as a MIGR member to supervise our research candidates.

To maintain consistent and high standards, we also encourage external supervisors of Monash research candidates to become associate MIGR members. 

This emphasis on MIGR membership also fits with our commitment to standards set by Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), which expects research supervisors to be active researchers.

Becoming a MIGR member

Our requirement that Monash supervisors be qualified MIGR members is a key part of our strategy to ensure that we have the best possible research supervisors. MIGR membership is open to Monash staff and external supervisors alike.

For Monash staff, membership involves completing our supervisor training program, designed to enhance their supervision skills and reputation.

For external supervisors of Monash research candidates, we encourage associate MIGR membership to give you the benefit of belonging to an organisation devoted to research excellence.

To become and remain a MIGR member, supervisors need to show they:

  • are active in a research field, as defined by our faculty-specific research criteria
  • have either guided a candidate through to successful completion or successfully completed at least level one of our supervisor training program
  • maintain a consistently high standard of supervision of research candidates.

More information

MIGR membership requirements

Pathways to MIGR membership

For more information on MIGR membership, contact the Programs and Events Coordinator on +61 3 990 53402 or at migr-membership@monash.edu.

Existing Monash supervisors can log in to the MIGR intranet for more information.