Thesis by Publication: Faculty of Arts Guidelines

Specific guidelines are available for candidates enrolled in the School of Geography and Environmental Science as an alternative to the standard Faculty of Arts guidelines. The Geography and Environmental Science guidelines reflect the multi-disciplinary needs of the School which encompasses a combination of Science and Arts disciplines.

Pagination  Inclusive pagination is to be used. 
Bibliography A complete, consolidated bibliography is preferred where appropriate or possible.
Framing text   A framing text of a minimum of 15,000 words as well as a conclusion of a minimum of 10,000 words. If more than one paper, thesis must also contain linking text: see below.
No. of papers Min. 3 single-authored or min. 2 single-authored plus co-authored or substantial published monograph or other: see below
Photocopies A photocopy should not normally be used. Printing should be of the highest quality. Use a pdf where possible.
% Authorship   Principally the candidate's work: see below.
Declarations To be clearly specified & formatted according to MIGR template. Specific declarations necessary for all papers with co-authors in all thesis copies except those in appendix. Rewritten, previously published papers require acknowledgement of others' contributions.
Faculty guidelines document available   It is essential to read faculty guidelines where available as well as MIGR guidelines.
Status of papers   Papers to have been accepted for publication.
Other See below for minimum percentages of candidate's contribution to co-author papers.

Thesis by Publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences

While recognising that a thesis by publication in its nature differs from the conventional PhD thesis, a thesis by publication must make an original contribution to knowledge and a contribution to the subject with which it deals commensurate with that expected of the conventional PhD.

Framing and Linking Papers

The thesis must contain a framing paper of a minimum of 15,000 words as well as a conclusion of a minimum of 10,000 words. In the case of theses which comprise more than one or a series of papers (as outlined below) the thesis must also contain framing and linking papers. Thus the thesis by publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences will comprise the publications plus framing, linking and concluding papers, these papers together amounting to a minimum of 25,000 words. The framing paper should give an account of how the work fits into the field of scholarly literature and, where appropriate, into the discipline through a discussion of key methodological and epistemological questions.

Specifying the Publications

A thesis by publication must contain

  • at least three single-authored published papers in leading journals, or
  • at least two published single-authored papers plus published co-authored papers, all in leading journals, where the candidate’s combined contributions amounts to 100%. In each case the candidate’s contribution must be at least 25%; or
  • a substantial published monograph: or
  • a substantial co-authored published, scholarly monograph where the candidate’s contribution is at least 50% plus two published single-authored papers in leading journals.

In disciplines where there is little tradition of single-authoring:

  • the equivalence of three single-authored published papers in leading journals is required. In at least four of the co-authored papers the candidate’s contribution must be at least 50%. In each case the candidate’s contribution must be at least 25%.

Extent of Candidate’s Contribution in the case of Multi-Authored Musical Works

The initiation, key ideas, development and documentation of each of the multi-authored works within the music composition folio should be the primary responsibility of the candidate. Overall, the material presented for examination needs to equate to that which would otherwise be presented in a music composition folio.

Ascription of Contribution Percentages

The ascription of percentages to reflect the contribution of the various authors should remain the same over time. Candidates are encouraged to reach a decision regarding authorship at the time the paper is submitted for publication and be proactive in having the thesis declaration completed at that time. The same declaration should then by used by subsequent authors, should they be using the paper in their theses.

Documentation of Candidate’s Contribution in the Case of Multi-Authored Musical Works

The critical commentary should identify all parts or elements of multi-authored works that have been created by other authors. It should also explain how these parts or elements have been created.

Publication Status of Papers/Monograph

All work must have been accepted for publication, even if not yet published.

Appendix: An appendix to a thesis by publication would contain the same types of material as a standard thesis. For example, papers written by the thesis author and referred to in the thesis but which do not form part of the main thesis body, or primary source material such as transcripts or data.