Thesis by Published and Unpublished papers *

All doctoral and research master’s candidates, including staff candidates, are permitted to submit a thesis by publication. The thesis by publication is not a different degree; rather, it is a thesis format that includes papers that have been prepared, or accepted, for publication. They may have more than one author, in which case specific declarations are required. The papers do not have to be rewritten for the thesis: they can be: inserted in their published format (see under Formatting Requirements below). Whether the papers are required to have been published, accepted for publication, or only submitted for publication varies across faculties (see faculty guidelines).

The thesis must reflect a sustained and cohesive theme, and framing or substantial linking text is normally required in introducing the research and linking the chapter/papers/manuscripts. Faculty-specific requirements are listed below. We advise you to consult good examples of theses by publication in your discipline. Your department or school should have copies of all doctoral and research master’s theses available for consultation. Workshops on the thesis by publication are also run through the Skills Essentials series, if you require more information.

Candidature Conditions

Papers must have been researched and written during the course of candidature. The Handbook section 7.1.3 states the requirements.

For staff candidates, at least 75% of the research in these papers must have been conducted during the period of employment at Monash University or during tenure. See Handbook section 7.5 on PhD staff candidature for further information.

Extent of Candidate's Contribution

The initiation, key ideas, development and writing up of each of the works within the thesis should be the primary responsibility of the candidate. Overall, the material presented for examination needs to equate to that which would otherwise be presented in the traditional thesis format. (This remains a matter of professional judgement for the supervisor and candidate.) Faculty-specific variations are listed in the faculty guidelines below.

Formatting Requirements


Consult the Doctoral Handbook Chapter 7, Section 7.1, Preparation, presentation and submission of doctoral theses for general information about presentation of a thesis.

Formatting of papers comprising thesis chapters

Candidates are permitted to renumber sections of the thesis either submitted for publication or published, in order to generate a consistent presentation within the thesis. However, this is at the discretion of the candidate.


All theses by publication must include declarations which specify the extent and nature of your contribution to the publications. If you are the sole author, this still needs to be specified. There are two declarations that you must include which acknowledge the contribution made to the research work and/or authorship by you and other parties:

  • General declaration (part A): this is placed at the front of the thesis and replaces the standard general declaration. It lists the work/s written by you in collaboration with other authors and shows the publication status of those works. If you are the sole author, you only need refer to the publication status.
  • Specific declaration (part B): this is required for each work in the thesis that you wrote in collaboration with other authors. It is not required for sole-authored work. You and any co-authors who are students at Monash University also need to agree on your relative contributions in percentage terms. Each declaration should be placed at the start of the thesis chapter where the conjointly authored work appears. While the contributions of all authors must be described, only you and any co-authors who are also students at Monash University need to indicate the extent of your contribution in percentage terms. Where the responsible author is not your main supervisor, your main supervisor should consult with the responsible author to agree on the respective contributions of the authors.

Template declarations are available for download. You need to customise the highlighted statements.

Please note that completion of these forms does not negate the need to comply with any other university requirements relating to conjointly authored works. Note also that papers (submitted/accepted/published) require a specific chapter declaration. Other components of the thesis may be covered by a general declaration.

Faculty Requirements

Some faculties vary requirements in terms of the number of papers required, status of papers and other criteria.


The Examinations section of MIGR handles queries about the thesis by publication. Please contact the Administrative Officer with initial queries.


* Henceforth referred to as "Thesis by Publication"