It is possible to apply for a research scholarship when you apply for a research degree at one of our Australian campuses.

Make sure you check your scholarship options and understand a scholarship’s eligibility requirements before applying for your course.

The pages in this section of the website will help you understand your eligibility for a scholarship. You need to read the requirements carefully and have the necessary documentation to support your claim ready when you apply. The scholarships are for full-time study, but part-time options are available in some cases.

Competition is strong for our scholarships, and many are only available to applicants with high academic results. After submitting a scholarship application, you will be considered for all scholarships and grants for which you’re eligible.

Remember, these scholarships are for research study at our Australian campuses. If you’re intending to study at Monash University Malaysia, find out about scholarships at our Malaysian campus.

If you have any questions about applying for a scholarship, you could find the answer on our frequently asked questions page.