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The Monash Doctoral Program enhances your doctoral experience. Not only will your research be guided by trained supervisors, but professional development in areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship and new venture finance prepare you to make an impact in industry, academia, government and beyond.

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Monash is a global university. We invite the most promising students from around the world to help us create internationally recognised research with impact.

We provide research degree scholarships specifically for international students.

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Graduate success

Gradute research student Darren Creek
Darren Creek, PhD 2007
After graduating, Monash researcher Darren Creek travelled to Uganda to volunteer in a rural hospital dealing with HIV and malaria. “Thankfully, I had an opportunity to improve this situation in a small way, not only by direct contribution but, perhaps more importantly, through my PhD work with the centre back in Melbourne".

Graduate success

Graduate reasearch student Phiona
Phiona Stanley, PhD 2010
After teaching English all over the world, Phiona Stanley became curious about the backpackers she met who taught to extend their travel. “I wondered what happens to them as people?” Phiona tracked 10 backpacker teachers over two years – using a Monash Equity Travel grant to spend time in China – and discovered that their role was not what anyone expected.

Graduate success

Graduate research student Mathew Belousoff
Matthew Belousoff – entrepreneur, Fulbright scholar, and Cornforth Medal winner – now works alongside Nobel laureate Professor Ada Yonath. “Never would I have imagined that I would have the chance to travel around the world and work with inspirational people. I just followed the opportunities as they were presented, while always being focused on doing solid research".

Graduate success

Graduate research student Tran Thanh Nam
Tran Thanh Nam, PhD 2005
After he finished his PhD, Monash University graduate Tran Thanh Nam went to the US to work for Microsoft. Since then, he’s taken his IT skills home to Vietnam to help build his country’s prosperity. Nam is the co-founder and chief operating officer of MobiVi, Vietnam's leading electronic payment service provider