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Michael's assignment

Michael is a first-year Law student. For his main essay in the subject, Michael chose the following topic based on the legal position of euthanasia in Victoria.

Essay topic:

It has been suggested by Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer in their article 'Active Voluntary Euthanasia, Morality and the Law' (1995) 3 Journal of Law and Medicine 129, that the primary focus in determining the legal possibility of medical end-of-life decisions should be the issue of patient consent rather than the subjective intention of the doctor or nurses. Comment critically with reference to the current legal position in Victoria and contrast this with the approach taken in some overseas jurisdiction.

  1. Look at the lecturer's expectations of the essay.
  2. Next read Michael's essay.
    • How well do you think the essay responds to the topic?
    • Do you think the essay could be improved in any way?
  3. Now read the lecturer's comments about Michael's essay.
  4. See further comments on the essay.
  5. Finally, listen to Michael talk about how he wrote his essay and read feedback about how to overcome the difficulties he faced.
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