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Writing from a plan

When you have analysed your assignment topic, developed a plan, completed most of your reading, and are familiar with report structure, you should be ready to begin your first draft.

One of the best ways to ensure you write a successful report is to work from a good plan. You may start writing from the first section of the report and write sequentially to the final section, or work on the sections in a nonsequential order. Either approach is suitable; select an approach which suits you and follow your plan as you write.

Don't be concerned about spelling, punctuation, and grammar at this stage; instead focus on the ideas, the supporting evidence, and their logical flow. At the start of each section in the report try to write a sentence which summarises the main idea(s) of the section. This will help you express the ideas in your own words.

When you have completed your first draft, read through it and evaluate it against your assignment question. You can then fill in gaps in your response and make alterations where appropriate.

You will probably need to write and edit several drafts of the report before it is complete. To edit your report, check that your ideas are clearly expressed, flow logically and that your writing makes sense, as well as checking your spelling, punctuation and grammar. You will then be ready to write the abstract, and to compile the appendices, reference list, and table of contents.

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