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Refining the plan

After thinking about the topic, you can use your ideas to draft a rough plan. This will provide you with a more focused approach to searching for information. You will probably find that as you read and think further about the topic you will need to alter this rough plan. Student 1 has expanded ideas from her concept map into the following rough plan. Compare Student 1's original concept map with the plan below.

Body of the report:

History of scanners
How scanners work
Use of scanners
Types of scanners - flatbed

- sheet-fed

- slide

- hand held

- drum
Future developments - use

- new types /changes to hardware or software

- accessibility

The next step in preparing the assignment is to search for information in the library and on the internet using your rough plan as a guide. Remember that this assignment asks you to use information that is:

  • reliable
  • published over the last two years
  • from a range of sources
  • by a range of authors
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