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Thinking about the assignment topic

The sample assignment topic asks you to discuss the current and future development of an area of computer technology. Can you think of some ideas a discussion on this topic could include? To do this you will need to select an area of computer technology.

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down as many ideas as possible either in single words or short phrases.

The main purpose at this stage is to think of many ideas rather than only 'good' ideas; you can then edit your ideas later.

You may wish to write your ideas as a list or you may prefer to use a concept map whereby the topic is written in the middle of the page and your ideas are written around the topic.

When you have completed this task, look at your ideas - try to group similar ideas together, and also identify relationships between your ideas: for example, a main idea and supporting detail. You may also wish to re-arrange your ideas: for example, in order of importance or chronologically.

Compare the approaches of Student 1 and Student 2 below.

Here are some ideas from two students on the current and future developments of scanners. One student has used a concept map to record ideas and divided it into two sections: current and future. The other student has used a list approach. Which approach do you prefer?

Student 1 concept map

Student 1's current concept map

Student 1's future concept map

Student 2 list approach

  • Definition
  • Popularity
  • Specifications
  • Future use
  • How work
  • History of scanners
  • Use and users
  • Types of scanners
  • Changes to hardware and software
  • New types of scanners

Now do this for your own assignment topic.

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