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Assessing a text's relevance

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Look at the following article titles. Which one of these articles do you think you would reach for first if you were attempting the divorce essay topic.

1. "After Divorce: The Financial Wellbeing of Parents and Children"

2. "Variable Family Structures in European and Asian Societies"

3. "The Origins of Conflict and Instability in the Modern Family"

4. "Family Conflict: How to Mediate Disputes Within Families"


Assuming that the title is an accurate reflection of the article's contents, arguably the most relevant article would be Article 3: "The Origins of Conflict and Instability in the Modern Family". Although the term 'divorce' does not appear in this title, divorce is clearly related to the notions of conflict and instability in the modern family. The term 'origins' suggests the article will be concerned with providing explanations.

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