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Body of the report

This is main part of the report, where you present your work. The introduction and conclusions act as a frame for the body only: therefore all the details of your work (including a summarised version of material in the appendices) must be included here in the appropriate section. You will need to put some thought into the ordering of the sections; the presentation of information should flow logically so that the reader can follow the development of your project. It is also essential that you choose concise but informative headings and subheadings so that the reader knows exactly what type of information to expect in each section.

The body of the report:

  • presents the information from your research, both real world and theoretical, or your design
  • organises information logically under appropriate headings
  • conveys information in the most effective way for communication:
    • uses figures and tables
    • can use bulleted or numbered lists
    • can use formatting to break up large slabs of text
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