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Sample summary

Read the following summaries and select the best one for the report.

Summary A

The aim of this project is to design a car using fuel cell technology. The technology is investigated and an outline of two designs is given. Each design is suitable for a different market, but both are designed to the same criteria. Sketches are provided for each design.

Summary B

Two alternative designs for a fuel cell powered car are presented.

Car A, which uses hydrogen fuel, is a sedan designed for the executive market. It provides extra luxury for the driver, but is spacious enough for family use. Car B, powered by hydrogen and oxygen, is a medium sized hatchback which offers a range of features for the family. While both cars are efficient for short trips, they lack the range and speed desirable for long journeys.

Both cars incorporate similar safety features and fulfil the design criteria of having low exhaust emissions and using environmentally friendly materials; however, Car B is recommended as it has slightly lower power consumption and is more economical to manufacture.

Select the best summary.

Summary A

Summary B

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