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Some guidelines for structuring the major assignment.

Executive Summary Outline the major sections of the report, saying what your main findings were.
Table of Contents
Introduction Choose industry - DEFINE IT. Briefly outline purpose, scope (what you're going to cover), and any background needed to understand the industry.
Part 1 Macro forces - what are they, how does each one affect your topic area? Name them all; don't leave any out. As you examine each one, add in more detail for most important ones. Include positive and negative impacts, actual or possible effects (short-term, long-term).

Sum up.
Part 2 Marketing mix - define. Choose two companies, discuss differences.

Company 1: how positioned in the market, primary target markets; marketing mix (4/7Ps).

Company 2: how positioned in the market, primary target markets; marketing mix (4/7Ps).
Comparison Sum up the major points of comparison between the two companies. Where are they similar, where different?
Conclusion Briefly overview the industry, highlighting most significant elements of macro forces discussion for Part 1, and then assess the position of the two companies, comparing marketing mix and other important differences for Part 2.
Reference List List only those references you cite in the report.

Be sure you use informative headings to guide your reader throughout the report.


Most students do their first draft straight on to the computer. One student, Briohny, feels more comfortable writing first, then word-processing later:

Hand writing helps me think more clearly in the early stages of planning and writing an assignment. I can write more quickly than I can type. I can carry my paper around and jot things down as I think of them.

How do you prefer to work? How might this impact on your effectiveness?

I keep my references handy so I can keep reminding myself, for example, what "macro forces" are as I write.
I do further research during the writing process - that was because I found areas that needed further investigation.
>Before printing it off, I quickly checked through the assignment to check for any mistakes. I don't like doing this and usually don't do it in great detail which is one of my faults - I'd rather not see the problem than have to fix it. This is another reason why I should start my assignments early - so I have an extra day to go through and perfect them.

Assignment 2

Select a specific product/target market from within the broad areas identified below and:

  1. Discuss how the macroenvironmental variables have had an impact on this market making sure you show that you understand all the macroenvironmental variables that are likely to have an impact.
  2. Identify two different marketing mixes used by two different companies to target the market you have identified.

Use examples to support your discussion where appropriate.

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