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Amy's comments

Support in VCE and first year

I think that in Year 12 you received a lot of help, in that you were able to contact teacher whenever you wanted, and that they would help you; and that you were able to give them drafts and that they corrected your work and they gave you their opinion on your work; whereas at Uni you don't receive that sort of attention, and it's very much individual like, and that even at Uni you don't make friends that you can rely upon and see every day and say oh, can you help me; 'cause sometimes you sit in a tute and you don't know anyone; so you really have to work all by yourself.

How I approached the topic

The first thing I did was I read the case study and then I reread it and then I reread it and I think the third time I even got out my highlighter, started highlighting the major parts of the essay which corresponded with the major issues such as motivation, and I just basically kept on rereading it in reference to the major issues.

Looking up sources

Okay, because it was Management and because it was a case study, we didn't have to do any extra research, we didn't have to go to the library - all the information was in our management book, and also the case study handout. So what I did as I sort of answered the last question, I read the case study, and then identified one of the major issues – say, motivation – so then I read the case study again just into motivation, in reference to motivation, and then I opened up my case book in the chapter on motivation, and read everything on motivation, and then correlated that onto a separate piece of paper, and then typed it up; and then I repeated that for leadership, and I repeated that for communications.

My effectiveness

I thought that my approach was quite effective. First I discussed it with individuals, classmates and things, and just determined whether I was on the correct track. And then I thought that I was able to identify the issues properly and analyze them in accordance with the theories. I thought that my word count was...I mean I was very much over the word count about 1000 words; which put pressure on me to try to maintain the analysis correctly.

Lecturer help

For about four weeks prior to handing in the assignment, we went through similar case studies, and they just taught us how to set it out, and how to identify the issues. Our lecturer told us that there were five major issues, which was easy for us, because basically it's always motivation and leadership. So we – yes, they did. And we could go up and talk to tutors if we were having problems with it.

Dealing with unit requirements

It's sort of standard now that your essay is 3000 words, and just different types of writing for example in this essay it was a case study, but in the last...In our last assignment for this subject it was a normal report and in another you have different types of Arts format. You have all these different formats, and even referencing – like, you can fail a subject if you don't reference correctly. I tend to find that with an Arts subject it does require more research, because you have to develop your arguments more, and there's more emphasis on your arguments and your opinion on a subject, whereas with a business subject, it really just tends to be regurgitated information on other people's opinions, whilst with an Arts subject, you really have to develop your own...

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