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Alternative solutions

When generating and evaluating alternative solutions, it is important that this information is set out as clearly and as economically as possible. This can be done through the use of:

  1. Brief headings which present each alternative
  2. Subsections based on an advantages/disadvantages structure
  3. Bullets (or numbers) to enumerate each advantage and disadvantage
  4. Concise use of language

The following extract from a student assignment describes the advantages of a specific solution in the form of a paragraph. Read the extract and consider how it might be turned into a series of bullet points.

Sample 1


3.1.1 Create different levels of data clerks

Creating different levels of data clerks would result in a work environment where the staff would be willing to work harder in order to receive more interesting work tasks. Consequently, it would limit undisciplined work behaviour. It would provide better efficiency and create fewer errors because in order to graduate to the next level, the employees would need to perform their tasks correctly. It would also identify where the errors are occurring. The clerks on the highest level would be capable of relieving the firm secretaries during their holidays.

To turn the text into bullet points:

  1. Remove any unnecessary words or repetition
  2. Break long statements into smaller chunks of information
  3. Ensure each statement has the same verbal form as the previous one (where possible)
  4. Group similar ideas together (clearer for the reader)
  5. Make word choice as informative and as concise as possible

Sample 1 (bullet point style)


  • creates a challenging work environment
  • limits undisciplined work behaviour
  • identifies where errors are occurring
  • stimulates staff to work harder to receive more interesting tasks
  • stimulates staff to perform better to graduate to the next level
  • creates staff able to relieve the (firm's) secretaries during their holidays
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