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Lecturer's expectations

In this section, one of your lecturers - Brendan Sweeney - sets out what he expects from student assignments on this topic.

How I would expect students to go about researching and writing an answer to this particular task

Students must explain their answer in the sense that it is not sufficient just to say that Patricia might have an action for damages for breach of contract and then set out the basis for an action of this nature. Students must explain why Patricia (in respect of the facts given) would or would not succeed.

This question could easily be answered without recourse to any other material than the text book.

We expect students to recognize the key difference between Part A and Part B of the question. This could significantly alter the way in which they write their answer. Having said that, however, we are not out to punish those who may not have adopted the most rational and efficient approach. This is more a matter of the better students being rewarded for thinking through the best way to structure their answer.

I think the question is difficult because of the thought that is required to plan the answer properly. Planning (or lack thereof) is a key issue in some of the papers I have corrected. I think the difference in planning stood out between the Fails and the Credits (and above).

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