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Style of writing

When you study Law subjects and you read legal texts and cases, you will note that the writing style can be complex and difficult to understand. Especially in the words of judges cited in cases, the sentences may be very long and complicated, with many relative and subordinate clauses, and the vocabulary used may be very formal.

Sometimes when students are writing their assignments, they think that they have to write in a sophisticated and complex style like this. The result can be that the meaning in the sentences is lost and the examiner may be completely confused as to the student's meaning. You do not have to write in a complex style in your Commercial Law assignments.

Your writing style should be premised on expressing your meaning clearly for your reader (your examiner). Clear expression is based on clear and logical organisation of ideas in the written piece, as well as clear structure in the sentences. This means that you should plan your response clearly and logically before you start writing. In this section, we focus on clear sentence-level expression.

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