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Writing skills for Art & Design

Reading, observing and experimenting will provide you with useful research material but to draw all of this knowledge together, you need to write. To do this well in Art & Design requires both general academic skills and a sound understanding of specific writing tasks. This section begins with advice on writing a visual analysis, an essay and a report, including sample texts and FAQs. Following this, you will find useful information on referencing and plagiarism, editing and proofreading your work, grammar and using a glossary. As you develop your skills in these areas, you will find your writing becomes more fluent and effective.

While many students might prefer to write instinctively, having some structure for the process of planning, researching and writing an assignment can save time and ensure that you work productively. The diagram below shows how each step of the assignment writing process flows on to the next. It may be useful to keep this image in mind as you progress through your study.

Each step of the assignment writing process flows onto the next
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