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Reading as research

Lux May Cabatingan
Artist Lux May Cabatingan

The word research probably makes you think of reading. To succeed in your study, it is essential to read often and widely. However, have you considered how we read in different ways for different purposes?

In Art & Design you will need to read a variety of material, understand it and integrate it into your assignments and practice.

When reading for your assignments, it is always important to read with a purpose. Ask yourself questions as you read. Remember to critically evaluate the content and quality of the material you are reading. This 'active' style of reading is also useful for expanding your practice. In this case, although your reading is still focused, you can allow yourself to browse more. Keep your mind open to inspiration, possibility and chance.

You can learn more about reading as research by looking through the FAQs answered by Associate Professor Robert Nelson, or go straight to the links to the library catalogue and resources.

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