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Remember that you are studying at university because you have already passed a lot of exams. What you need to do now is to continue doing those things that have worked for you in the past, and try and eliminate any bad study habits which have previously hampered your success.

At university level you are not just tested on simply what you can remember. University lecturers are not only interested in testing how much you know, but also in finding out how well you apply your knowledge. Try not to think of exams as hurdles between you and good marks or a degree. Instead, think about exams as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of material you have studied. Of course exams require you to work under conditions and time constraints which can be stressful, but this is just practice for dealing with the pressures and deadlines you will face in your working life after you graduate.

This tutorial is intended to help you develop strategies for preparing for exams and for coping with stress at exam time. Navigate through the different sections of this tutorial by using the menu on the left.

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