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Key words

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To analyse a multiple-choice question correctly it is important to be aware of the key words in a question. The following activity provides you with practice in identifying key words.

The sample exam question below requires students to recall knowledge from their lectures in which relative speeds of printer technologies were discussed.

Sample exam question

Which of the following printer technologies would be most suitable for high volume, quiet operation?

  1. line printer
  2. daisy wheel printer
  3. laser printer
  4. inkjet printer

Which words do you think are the key words in the sample exam question?

Check your answers

Which answer (options A - D) in the sample exam question would you select?

Check your answer


When selecting your answer you should consider the key words: most suitable; high volume; and quiet.


A line printer can be very fast but is also very noisy.

A Daisy wheel is slow.

An inkjet printer is quiet but cannot achieve the same high speed throughput as a high end laser printer.

The correct response is Option C: laser printer.

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