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SpeakingMany people feel nervous about speaking to an audience, but oral presentations can be successful with good planning and a systematic approach. In this tutorial, we discuss ways to do this by focusing on the key stages of a presentation:

  1. planning
  2. structuring
  3. preparing
  4. presenting

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Video icon

Short video clips are used throughout the tutorial to demonstrate elements of presenting. These clips are available where you see this movie camera icon. To view the clips, RealPlayer must be installed on your machine. You can download this free from the RealPlayer website Opens in a new window or the IT Access CD issued to Monash first-year students. Transcripts of the videos are available at the end of this section.

The presentation used in the clips is based on a postgraduate engineering report entitled "Identification of Sediment and Assorted Phosphorous Sources to the Tarago Reservoir". The techniques used in this presentation are relevant to presentations in all disciplines and at all levels. The presenter is Fiona Dyer.

Speaking to an audience

At some stage in your studies, you will need to give a formal presentation. This could be presenting a summary of issues, reporting on progress in research, or responding to a set task.

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