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After the lecture

Develop your understanding

Re-read your notes as soon as possible after the lecture, while your memory is fresh. In general, don't bother re-writing your notes - concentrate on developing an active understanding of the notes you've taken down.

Edit for legibility

  • Are your notes readable?
  • Are the abbreviations clear? (Make sure you'll be able to understand your notes three months later at exam time.)

Edit for logic

  • Are there missing phrases?
  • Do your notes need connecting sentences?
  • Fill in the gaps, add any further ideas you may recall, and expand any points you feel are too sketchy.

Edit for sequence of ideas

  • Is there a better order?
  • Impose a better hierarchy if needed.


  • Do you understand everything in the lecture? If not, seek help from your lecturer or classmates as soon as possible. Do not leave it until the last minute.

Review notes

  • Keep notes and lecture hand-outs together.
  • When you study, review your notes in an active way. Use a highlighter pen.
  • You can summarise the main points onto notecards or a summary sheet. This will ensure that you understand the material and help you to remember it.
  • Cross-reference your lecture notes with text books and tutorial notes.
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