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Present simple and continuous compared

The present simple tense The present continuous tense
The present simple may be used to describe habits and permanent situations. The present continuous may be used to describe a temporary trend or situation.
  • People now have children later in life and live longer.
  • They spend more time living in couple-only families.
  • People are now having children later in life and are living longer.
  • They are spending more time living in couple-only families.
The present simple may describe general rules and principles and established facts. The present continuous may describe situations or activities which are occurring right now.
  • Business cycles follow phases of rapid growth (expansion) and slow growth (recession).
  • As prices rise, the purchasing power of money declines.
  • Target marketing helps sellers identify marketing opportunities better.
  • Australia is currently experiencing a period of rapid economic growth.
  • The housing sector is benefiting from low interest rates and rising divorce.
  • Companies are increasingly embracing target marketing.
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