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When it comes to grammar, nobody are perf... whoops, I mean nobody is perfect. It doesn't matter whether you've always spoken English, or if you grew up speaking another language, English grammar often poses many difficulties for many people.The important thing to remember is that grammar isn't something to learn just for its own sake (because who really cares about the definition of a nondefining relative clause?). Rather, grammar is necessary because it allows us to communicate more clearly. If you can master just a little bit of English grammar, the people you are speaking to, or the people who are reading what you've written, will be able to understand you better.

In these tutorials, you can learn about and practice the use of the passive voice, different verb tenses, or articles like a, an, or the.

The Engineering grammar tutorials section includes additional exercises for Engineering students which may be useful for others.

You can navigate through the tutorials using the menu on the left, but we suggest you work through each of the sections in the given order, using the Next button on each page.

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