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Changing active to passive

Example of active voice
Part of speech Subject Verb Object
Sentence The group will present the report next week.

STEP 1: move the object to the subject position

The report ...

STEP 2: change the verb to the passive, making sure that BE takes the same tense as the verb in the active sentence

The report will be presented ...

STEP 3: drop the subject

Example of passive voice without the subject

The report will be presented next week.

or move it to a position after the verb

Example of passive voice with the subject

The report will be presented by the group next week.

These sentences are in the active voice. But which tense? First use the drop downs to choose the verb tense of the active sentence.

  1. For the purposes of this report I surveyed six companies.

Tense: feedback image

  1. We tested the samples under various conditions.

Tense: feedback image

  1. The department will announce the results next Tuesday.

Tense: feedback image

  1. A company in Korea manufactures this equipment.

Tense: feedback image

  1. You did not inform us about the results of the survey.

Tense: feedback image

Now fill in the blanks to change the verbs in the sentences above from active voice to passive voice. Remember to keep the verb in the same tense. Then check your answers by clicking on the button Check answers next to each box.

  1. Six companies (survey) for the purpose of this report.
  2. The samples (test) under various conditions.
  3. The results (announce) next Tuesday.
  4. The equipment (manufacture) by a company in Korea.
  5. We (not inform) about the results of the survey.
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