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Grammar for Engineering

In Engineering, you will often be required to write lab reports and technical reports. As these form a major part of your assessment tasks, the ability to write clearly in correct academic English is important. This is not always easy, particularly for students for whom English is not their first language. These pages contain a series of grammar lessons on some common structures you will need to use when writing Engineering reports.

Each unit begins with an explanation of the grammar point and rules for using it (with examples taken from actual Engineering subjects), followed by exercises to test your skill. A good follow-up exercise is to check how well you have applied the grammar point in a piece of your own writing, and correct it if necessary.

Choose from tutorials on parallel structure, articles ( a and the), the passive voice, past tenses, or making transitions using coordintors, connectors and subordinators.

You can navigate through the tutorials using the menu on the left, but we suggest you work through each of the sections in the given order, using the Next button on each page. .

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