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The used with specified nouns

The can mean "the one we are all familiar with".

For example, in this country "the dollar" means "the Australian dollar".


the market

the economy

the stock exchange

The is often used in science and technology to describe widely-known inventions


the computer

the telescope

the microchip

the Internet

The can mean "the only one" (whereas a can mean "one of many")


one of many the only one
an engineer

an industry standard

a student

an environmentally friendly approach

a technologically advanced country

another change

(one of an unspecified number)
the chief engineer

the Building Code

the best student

the only successful approach

the most technologically advanced country

the other change

(one of two changes)

The can indicate that a noun is being used with a specific, countable meaning rather than a general, uncountable meaning


specific, countable general, uncountable
the Australian Conservation Society

the Japanese car industry

the information industry

the electronics industry
Australian society

Japanese industry

Australian industry

private industry
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