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Drag articles into place

Click on the highlighted text to see the comments.

Correct the errors with the following sentences by clicking and dragging an indefinite article to the right place in the sentence. Think about whether each noun is being referred to in a general, specific or non-specific way. Refer to the tables for help.

Countable nouns Uncountable nouns
Countable nouns
Reference Singular

Article Noun
a. General Singular a computer
Plural - computers
b. Non-specific Singular a computer
Plural - computers
c. Specific Singular the computer
Plural the computers
Uncountable nouns

Article Noun
a. General - information
b. Non-specific - information
c. Specific the information

1. If you can't find a book, ask member of the library staff

Drag word: a

2. In your report, you should give description of your experiment.

Drag word: a

3. Phillip is busy this semester because he is doing double degree.

Drag word: a

4. Aluminium is suitable material for aeronautics.

Drag word: a

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