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Articles with company names

Banks and newspapers usually take the.


the Reserve Bank The Washington Post The Age

Some major companies are known only by their initials and do not take the.



When in doubt, consult M. Swan, (1996) Practical English Usage, Second edition, OUP, pp. 59-69.

Fill in the gaps in the following paragraphs with the appropriate article: a, an or the (or x for no article). Then check your answers by clicking on the button Check answers next to each box.

In December, after observing UN climate change conference in Buenos Aires, Environment Minister Ian Campbell said Australia wanted to engage in new global agreement after 2012, although its stance on signing the Kyoto Protocol, along with that of USA, is unchanged.

minister also appeared to step back from Government's earlier rejection of emissions trading market. Mr Campbell also expressed a desire to get Australia in at the forefront of climate change. He told Sunday Age that far from being global polluter, Australia was really a world leader.

So why not ratify Kyoto Protocol? Government claims that the protocol imposes unfair costs on economy, and that ratifying the treaty would drive industry offshore.

Adapted from: The Sunday Age, 13 February, 2005.

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