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About this site

Accessibility information and conformance

General information


How to use this site

How to use this site

Text based pages

Whilst this site been designed to be usable with major assistive technologies, text based versions of all pages are available by selecting the Accessible version link, which is the first link on each page.

if you experience any difficulty accessing any pages in this site, please contact the webmaster - either directly or via the Feedback form - as we greatly value your feedback.

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Changing the size of text in your browser

Most browsers have a feature that allows you to change text size.

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What the icons mean

A number of icons have been used throught the site to represent concepts and to draw your attention to certain content:

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General information

The overall project of which this site is part, "Expanding Language and Learning Support for Students", was awarded Monash Strategic Innovations funding 2005-2006. Language and Learning Online is the major website in a suite of sites designed to complement face-to-face forms of language and learning support for students at Monash University.

The development of the suite of sites was undertaken by the project team and Language and Learning staff of the Centre for Learning and Teaching Support (CeLTS), then the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT), Monash University, under the direction of Associate Professor Rosemary Clerehan.

LLOnline represents a redevelopment and expansion of the Online Student Resource Centre and Writing in Subject Areas sites originally created between 1999 and 2001 by Language and Learning staff, led by Associate Professor Clerehan with Jill Turnbull as the Project Manager.

LLOnline and some of the new student sites contain updated versions of the original material developed by Language and Learning staff for the predecessor sites, but all of the new sites display significant innovation in design; expansion and/or creation of content; and enhancement in navigation, usability, and interactivity.


Project Director: Associate Professor Rosemary Clerehan

Project managers: Geoff Millar and Viola Rosario (October 2005 to January 2007); Brian Curtis (to October 2005).

Project team: Assoc. Professor Rosemary Clerehan, Reem Al-Mahmood, Dr Rolene Lamm, Fiona McCook, Geoff Millar, Julie Murray, Wendy Paulusz, Dr Jan Pinder, Viola Rosario.

Web developers: Sharyn Roberts (Technical project lead 2006-2007), Matt Cumming, Louella De Guzman, Ananthi Periasami. Rory Haddon and Paul Shone (to October 2005).

Other significant contributors: Dr. Adela Abu-Arab, Cheryl Cook, Rosemary Crosthwaite, Amanda Everaert, John Hamilton, Dr. Andrew Johnson, Olga Kalashnik, Dr. Alex McKnight, Jane Moodie, Dr. Eleanor Peeler, Steve Price, Caitilin Punshon, Dr. Judith Rochecouste, Vicky Ryan, Anne H. Wilson, Anne V. Wilson.

The Assignment Builda programme was designed and built by Sharyn Roberts.

Editing support: Jane Carman

Administrative support: Catherine Acin, Bennos Cousins, Mio Ihashi, Bev Olbrich, Vicky Ryan.

Site Development

Project Management: Geoff Millar (Language and Learning Online; and Learning Support for Higher Degree Research students); Viola Rosario (Language and Learning Online; Learning Support for Off-Campus Learners; Learning Inspirations; and Inclusive Teaching).

Language and Learning Online, developed by Geoff Millar and Viola Rosario

Learning Support for Higher Degree Research students, developed by Dr Rolene Lamm and Dr Jan Pinder.

Learning Support for Off-Campus Learners, developed by Julie Murray and the Gippsland Campus Language and Learning team.

Learning Inspirations, developed by Reem Al-Mahmood, specially designed for students with a learning disability.

Working with Students from China, developed by Geoff Millar as a resource for teaching staff.

Inclusive Teaching, developed by Wendy Paulusz with Fiona McCook, as a resource for staff working with students with learning disabilities.


The sites are a classic example of research-led teaching and for that we thank the Monash University Language and Learning staff who gave unstintingly of their expertise and experience in the development of these resources, often working in very productive collaborations with faculty staff and students.

We express our gratitude to the many staff and students of the University who gave so generously of their time.

We also wish to thank the members of the LLOnline Steering Group: Tim Moore, Professor David Murphy (convenors), Dr Gerry Rayner, Assoc. Professor Rosemary Clerehan, Geoff Millar, Viola Rosario, and Vicky Ryan.

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