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Setup for success

Define your goals

Track your path: stages

Manage your project

Create your working space

Understand the process of graduate research

Define your thesis topic

Fit your thesis into your life

Manage your time

Manage your information

Know yourself

Your learning background

Your learning style

Learning and emotion

What you want from supervision

Develop your personal capacities

Develop research skills

Prepare for life after the thesis

Design your project

Research questions

Developing research questions

Theoretical approach

Conceptual framework

What methods will you use?

Research methods in the Social Sciences

Data collection


Interview skills

Develop a questionnaire

Build thinking and writing skills

Organise the thesis writing process

Plan the writing

Define your purpose

Get started, keep motivated

Envisage your audience

Keep a Research Journal

Deal with writer's block

Thinking strategies

Skillful reading

Read critically

Taking useful notes

How to manage the quantity of reading material

Situate your work

Generate your argument

Critically analyse

Present your work in context

Find the story in your data

Academic writing conventions


Your presence in the text

Integrating quotations

Forms of citation

Paraphrase or quotation?

Use of tenses

Style standards

Academic writing style

The language of thesis writing


Grammatical structures


Culture and styles of argumentation

Claims and counter-claims


Connecting your ideas

Cautious language

Write with authority

Sharpen your writing skills

Developing a good paragraph

Editing and proofreading



Readable writing

Develop oral communication skills

Talk to your supervisors

Establish expectations and responsibilities

Relating to your supervisors

Getting good feedback

How to conduct interviews and focus groups

How to conduct an interview

How to conduct a focus group

Discuss your research

Present with confidence

Present a formal seminar

Lead a discussion

Write the thesis

Thesis types

Look at sample theses

Guide to analysing sample theses

Write a Research Proposal

Structure your thesis

Components of a thesis

Typical thesis structures

Write the introduction

Discuss your methodology

Review the literature

What are the examiners looking for?

Planning the review

Positioning yourself in relation to previous research

Ordering citations

Controlling the dinner party

Indicating your own position


Matching introductions and conclusions

Write up your data analysis

Report your results

Discuss your findings

Write your conclusions

Write the abstract

Achieving closure

What PhD thesis examiners expect

Writing for publication

What to publish, and where

Getting started

Shaping an article for publication


The review process

Revising and resubmitting




Online resources




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