Information Technology in Engineering Education

Faculty of Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Kim Ng

The Engineering Faculty’s 5 Year Strategic Plan, Designing the Way, recognises the importance of information technology in the teaching programs of the Faculty. Engineering as a discipline has relied on computing since the inc eption of general-purpose computers. The Faculty relies upon computing support for all its functions, with computing totally integrated into all its teaching and research, and administration. Much of its research, indeed, is extending the boundaries of computer technology and applications.

Strategic directions

The Faculty will

Current position and developments

Departments and the Gippsland School in the Faculty have been involved in using IT in information delivery for several years. Web sites have been developed to support teaching. At the first year level we have increased the access of students to l ecture, tutorial and other material on the Web via a first year web page. Each subject has a page which provides students with access to the lecturer via email, teaching resources such as lecture notes, lecture slides, tutorials, and in some cases, self assessment tests, as well as links to other relevant sites. Some subjects are already available on CD-ROM: ENG1101, ENG1401, ENG1901, ENG1902, ENG1802. ENG1801, ENG1803 and ENG1603 will be available on CD-ROM by start of semester 1, 2000.

At the higher levels, continuing development of Web based material is contingent on available resource. Many subjects are already developed or being developed, incorporating commercial simulation and design software as well as software developed in-ho use to enhance student learning.

A recent innovation is the establishment of a FLEXIBLE LEARNING STUDIO in the Department of Materials Engineering for flexible delivery of the Materials Engineering course. The studio features a student-centred layout that encourages student interacti on, advanced teaching media, soft seating area and computer work stations for student use.

One important aspect of flexible learning support is the link between student learning and use of the flexible learning material. The Faculty has initiated a project to study this.