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Welcome to HEPCIT The Agony and the Ecstasy: the sheer hard yakka (and occasional satisfaction) of a Subject Home Page
by Mr Alan McLean, Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Monash University (Clayton)

Setting up a subject home page is not necessarily very difficult, or very time-consuming. Setting up - and maintaining! - one which is at least satisfactory, and perhaps even useful, is likely to be both.

I have set up three subject home pages, and maintain two. These are primarily as repositories of resource materials - email, no interactivity, no chat rooms, very simple.

The documents that make up the pages are either very simple HTML pages, mainly used to provide links; or documents to be downloaded (PowerPoint and/or Word); or HTML versions of the downloaded documents, so they can be read easily within the student's browser. To add documents to the web site involves:

* creating or editing one or more link pages

* creating or editing documents in Word or PowerPoint

* creating Word equivalents of PowerPoint presentations

* translating these documents into HTML

* transferring the file to the server

* checking the results

These activities involve the use of a variety of software, both separately and interactively. The process is usually time-consuming, frequently intricate and often frustrating. It can be intriguing and rewarding.

This presentation will demonstrate the process of producing documents and transferring them to the server.

My current subject pages may be viewed at: http://www.monash.edu.au/ecn2111/ http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/Subjects/ETX/ETX1640/

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