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Welcome to HEPCIT Encouraging interactivity: From print based self-instructional material to on-line learning
by Dr Fred Lockwood, Open University, UK.

Friday 22nd September, Rotunda 7,
Clayton Campus, 1:00pm

This presentation was accompanied by overhead transparencies. A list of references was also provided.

We are in the midst of an educational and technological revolution.

The innovatory teaching methods that were pioneered by the Open University are being adopted and refined by thousands of institutions around the world and the communication technologies of the 1970s are being replaced by those of the twenty-first century. However, at the core of this revolution is interaction between learners and between learners and teachers. Currently, for a majority of learners, this interaction is encouraged by questions in print-based texts. However, increasingly interactivity will be encouraged using on-line materials.

The paper will initially review the theory and practice associated with encouraging print-based interactivity; of simulating a Tutorial in Print, of creating Reflective Action Guides and representing Dialogue in teaching materials. It will offer a framework for the design of these interactive elements, outline the costs and benefits that learners associate with them and describe the dynamic model that learners operate.

The paper will then consider whether previous theories and practices can be applied to on-line activities. The provisional findings from evaluations of the interactivity within on-line courses and Virtual Seminars will be reviewed. Models and frameworks that have been offered to encourage interactivity and its quality will be outlined and areas of future research identified.

About the Presenter

Dr Fred Lockwood is the Head of Programme for Professional Development in Educational Technology at the Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University. Fred began his career as a schoolteacher and has over the last 25 years or so been actively engaged in a wide range of distance and open learning activities with the Open University. He has extensive experience in writing and developing learning materials for open and distance learning and is now putting this experience to use in the area of on-line learning. He has conducted hundreds of workshops and written and edited many books in this field. A more extensive background on Fred is available at:


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