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Welcome to HEPCIT An International Literature Course - using technology for live interaction and collaboration
by Prof. Kevin Hart, Centre for Comparative Literature, Monash University (Clayton)

This forum briefly tells the success story of an international collaborative effort between Monash and Williams (Ma) to teach a senior level literature course. The presentation will cover issues like:

the benefits of the teleteaching links and how they helped to achieve course objectives.

the limitations of teleteaching links that had to be worked around.

the additional things that had to be done to make the whole package work as an educational experience for the students eg:

the arrangement ofstudents to do joint presentations between the two sites; the collaborative communication necessary outside of the formal class sessions; the involvement of a teacher at both ends, the process of "educational design" that went into setting up the learning experience; and the strategic thinking needed in mounting a course so reliant on technology.

the evaluation of learning outcomes and the succes or otherwise of the project from your point of view

the costs and other considerations that had to be considered in making use of this interactive medium.

About the presenter

Kevin Hart is the author of seven collections of poetry, the most recent being "Wicked Heat", and four volumes of criticism, including his latest,"Samuel Johnson and the Culture of Property". He is the translator of Giuseppe Ungaretti's selected poems, "The Buried Harbour", and the editor of "The Oxford Book of Australian Religious Verse". He is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Monash University and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

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