Use of Multimedia in a traditional lecture tutorial environment

Use of Multimedia in a traditional lecture tutorial environment

by Ms Ainslie Ellis,
FCIT, Peninsula

WHEN? Friday 19th September 1.00-1.50pm

WHERE? Teleconferenced from Peninsula campus (Room A2.37) to Caulfield campus (Bldg A1.11) and Gippsland campus (Room 2W.261)

About the presenter...

Ainslie Ellis is a lecturer in the Peninsula School of Computing and Information Technology at Monash University. She has been actively involved in the development of CBT applications as well as the supervision of students doing development work in this area.

About the presentation...

Most academic staff are constrained to deliver subjects with the traditional lecture / tutorial environment. Despite this restriction it is possible to make effective use of multimedia materials and Web resources. This presentation discusses the use of various multimedia and Web based materials used within a traditional lecture / tutorial setting for a first year programming subject, paying particular attention to improving the effectiveness of their incorporation into those lectures and tutorials. Examples of these materials, including, where appropriate, the development vehicles used will be shown as part of the presentation.

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