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1998 Conference


The on-line discussion will commence on Monday 20th September and conclude on Friday 25th September.

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Title: On-line teaching and learning: The new roles for the participants.


The move to on-line teaching and learning is changing the ways in which teachers teach and students learn. In the past, much of the development of on-line materials has come from simply creating electronic versions of conventional materials. Now we are seeing ways to use the new technologies to advantage and new teaching and learning strategies are emerging. Teaching on-line is assuming an identity of its own with unique practices and procedures. The move to on-line teaching and learning sees changed roles for both teachers and learners. The purpose of this discussion is to explore what these changes are and to discuss how the participants are coping. We will also look to explore strategies that can be employed to maximise the learning opportunities from the teacher's perspective while at the same time considering the needs and expectations of the learners.