Graduating from a double degree or non-standard course

Masters and PhD students

PhD students attending a ceremony will be part of the academic procession and have an abstract of their thesis published in the ceremony program.

Double degree students

Many double degree students graduate in both degrees at the same time and receive two degree certificates (testamurs). Others choose to graduate without attending either course ceremony (in absentia). To apply, you must complete a single application for the double degree. We will assign you to the ceremony date for your managing faculty and course.

If you want to have one of your degrees conferred before the other, you will need to apply twice. Check with your faculty about the rules for your degrees.

Pass and honours degrees

You can apply to graduate from both your pass and honours degrees. You will need to lodge two applications. We cannot award both degrees in person at the same ceremony. You will have to receive one degree in absentia.

Generally, graduands prefer to attend for their honours degree and have their pass degree awarded in absentia.

Executive certificates

You should contact your faculty or teaching department.

Multiple degrees

You will need to apply to graduate for each course if you are doing several different courses.

Alternative exits

An alternative exit is an official exit point from an award course. This is often in the form of a lesser degree eg. graduate diploma or graduate certificate. To apply for an alternative exit, apply to graduate from your course, then choose the alternative exit option.