Glossary of graduation terms

Academic dress - Formal clothing worn by graduates at a graduation ceremony. Consists of a gown, hood or stole and headwear. See academic dress.

Academic record/transcript - a formal record of your academic results at Monash (units attempted, passed, failed). See academic record (transcript).

Alternative exit - An official exit point from an award course. Often in the form of accepting a lesser degree (graduate diploma, graduate certificate).

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) - Statement of academic performance. A government initiative to improve the recognition of Australian qualifications worldwide. See AHEGS.

Bonnet - Headwear worn by doctoral candidates.

Confer - The awarding of qualifications by the University Council. Once conferred, qualifications become public record.

Graduand - A person who has finished their degree but has not yet had their award officially conferred.

Graduate - The recipient of a conferred degree/diploma certificate.

Graduation - An official ceremony in which graduands receive their degree/diploma certificates.

Graduation statement - A shorter name for the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). See AHEGS.

Hoods - An item of academic dress worn by bachelors, masters and PhD students. Colours represent the institution and faculty.

In absentia - Awarding the degree at the graduation ceremony without the graduand being present.

Regalia - Another word for academic dress.

Stole - An item of academic dress worn by certificate or diploma students. An indigenous stole acknowledges the cultural heritage and history of the Indigenous people of Australia.

Testamur (degree/diploma certificate) - The certificate of merit or proficiency given to a graduand at graduation. See testamur.

Trencher cap - Headwear worn by all graduates (except doctorates).