Eligibility and when to apply


When to apply to graduate

You don't need to wait for your results to apply to graduate. To graduate at the earliest possible date, you must apply in your final teaching period (semester, trimester term), before the closing date.

For application closing dates, see ceremony dates.


To be eligible to graduate, you must:

  • have met all your course requirements
  • have no outstanding fees or fines owing to the University
  • be course completed by your faculty about six weeks before the ceremony round.

We will advise you if you're not qualified to graduate, and you will need to contact your faculty. If your faculty hasn't signed off your course completion, your application will be postponed to the next faculty ceremony.

Graduating with an alternative exit

An alternative exit is an official exit point from an award course. This is often in the form of a lower award e.g. graduate diploma or graduate certificate. To apply for an alternative exit, apply to graduate from your course, then choose the alternative exit option.

Course and unit types

Double degree students

You can graduate in both degrees at the same time and receive two certificates (testamurs). To apply, you must complete a single application for the double degree. We will assign you to the ceremony date for your managing faculty and course.

If you want to have one of your degrees conferred before the other, you will need to apply twice. Check with your faculty about the rules for your degrees.

Bachelor and honours degrees

You can apply to graduate from both your bachelor and honours degrees. You don't need to wait until you have completed your honours degree to graduate from your bachelors. Generally, graduands prefer to attend their honours ceremony and have their bachelor's degree awarded in absentia.

Executive certificates

Contact the course administrator at the Faculty of Business and Economics to apply for your faculty award.

Summer unit students

Apply before the application closing date on 15 January to graduate at the next ceremony round. If you don't complete all requirements of your course, you will be allocated to the following ceremony round.

Multiple degrees

You will need to apply to graduate for each course if you are doing several different courses.

Open Universities Australia (OUA) students

Contact your faculty or teaching department once you have met all course requirements. Your course administrator will confirm whether you are course complete, update your record, and let you know when you can apply to graduate using the Web Enrolment System (WES). For faculty contact details, see I'm an OUA student, how do I apply to graduate?

Posthumous awards

If a student has passed away, a family member can request a posthumous award. This is subject to approval by University Council.

There are three options:

  • graduating in attendance, with a family member representing the deceased student
  • graduating in absentia and receiving the degree certificate (testamur) in the mail
  • family receiving the certificate from the faculty at a private occasion.

The family need to advise the student's faculty which option they prefer. For posthumous award procedures, staff should see ask.monash online help.